KappaFraud is a single package. Writing analysis is performed on all variable data fields - not only the signature.

Account profile-based fraud detection
Completely automated profile creation and maintenance including representations of multiple stock types and writers per account.

Supports analysis at points of immediate value exchange

  • Facilities to support image analysis at teller stations, check cashing outlets etc.
  • Public Check Authentication Keys (no image or private data content) allow check authentication by third parties with no privacy risk.

Ready to deploy in both high -and low- volume operations
Throughput completely scalable using standard PC hardware and operating systems.

KappaFraud provides comprehensive fraud detection - a high detection rate for all types of counterfeit and forgery fraud. Includes specific logic for personal checks, business checks, giros, drafts and IRDs.

High performance. Low cost.
Licensing permits processing of up to 100% of any bank’s check or giro volume.

Small detection profile size
Implications for storage costs, distributed processing, backups etc.

Effective identity theft protection
Stock type and/or writing characteristics on the check/giro will not match profile even if the fraudster has the account holder's ID.

Easy to integrate
Flexible API (Application Programmer Interface) reduces effort to incorporate into existing image and application infrastructure.

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